The TV remote broked Mum!

The TV remote broked Mum!


We had a code red situation in our house last week. The TBox remote control broke. When I say broke I mean a cup of water was poured over it by one of two suspects. Our house (the adult half of the house) was thrown into a blind panic – no ABC4Kids until the remote was replaced. I told the guilty parties this but I don’t think they could understand the gravity of the situation. So I gave it to them in no uncertain terms – no Fireman Sam. Now we adults all know that I could quite easily produce Fireman Sam in the form of a DVD or via a streaming site. I wanted the boys to learn a lesson about caring for our belongings, and I was at the end of my rope with spilt drinks in the lounge room – accidental or otherwise.

Back to no ABC4Kids…What did parents do before ABC4Kids? And a Tbox? We record all the boy’s favourite shows, and then can very easily pop them on or live suitably programmed TV, at the drop of a hat; perfect for 5.30am starts when you stumble blindly down the stairs with a chirpy 20 month old, or when you need time to run around, do some chores such a cook dinner or, quite frankly, for 20 minutes peace.

A call to Telstra was made without delay as ‘the remote broked mum’ situation also coincided with a week when my usual child care arrangements were not in place which meant I had the kids all week. Telstra, this is a code red situation – how fast can you get the replacement remote to me? 3-5 business days with call placed to Telstra on a Saturday. Urgh.

Over to plan B. Dig out all the kids DVD’s and get them on standby. In all this flurry of activity concerning lining up the week’s viewing it became apparent how much TV the kids were watching, and how much Fireman Sam and Peppa Pig I was watching. TV had become an essential part of my parenting technique. Urgh. My TV viewing was like a pendulum swinging from Peppa to Sons of Anarchy with no middle ground.

So we reduced the hours of kids TV time with the help of our ‘broked remote’. We focussed on colouring, drawing, Spidermanning and building towers. It was a good eye opener but boy was I glad to see the delivery man clutching our VIP (very important parcel) when I opened the door on Tuesday morning. Phew.



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